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ARUVI MOBILITY presents the 30kg Melting,Tempering & Moulding Machine with 2 new features:

1. Night Mode : In this mode, pieces of Chocolate can be put in the machine overnight for melting and tempering. By morning the chocolate will be melted to the desired set temperature so that you can start production immediately. 

Features of the 30kg Chocolate Tempering Machine :

1. Heavy-duty machine ideally suited to the needs of Bakeries, Hoteliers, Chocolatiers, etc.
2. All Stainless Steel construction - thick guage and food-grade 304 grade Stainless Steel.
3. Electronic Temperature Controller for making fine quality chocolates - both pure and compound.
4. All the crucial components - Motor, Gear box, Bearings, Switch-gear, etc. - are sourced from world-class suppliers like Bonfiglioli, NBC, ABB, Siemens, etc. to ensure long and trouble-free service.
5. Lower Arm feature for quick melting of Chocolate.
6. Food-grade Revolving Wheel.
7.Useful and labour-saving Shaking Device ( Vibrator ), which removes the air bubbles from the Chocolate. It also helps remove chocolate from a mould to make a shell to fill the centre-filling.
8. Drain out facility to remove the chocolate from the machine after production.
9. Production capacity of 50-60 kgs/day.
10. Dimensions : L 92 cm x B 66 cm x H 104 cm
11. Weight : 100 kgs approx.
12. Power requirements : 3 KW


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